Sunday, April 24, 2016

New PR!

I'll make this post short but sweet.

I have a new PR in the 10k distance. After having missed a PR by 15 seconds last February, I focused during training and it came to fruition in Ojai.

OFFICIAL RESULTS 1:00:09.2 (9:42/Mi) beating my previous 10k PR of 1:06:59 by 6 min, 50 seconds!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 2016 - At weight and faster!

So I did that 21-day no sugar, carb or dairy during the first 21 days of December and reached 134lbs. I ate like any normal person would from the 21st to January 3rd but I'm glad to be eating well again and happy to report I'm at 136 lbs despite the brie cheese, the holiday carbs, wine and treats!

It was so amazingly easy to give up so many processed foods and bad stuff that I've decided to continue eating without sugars, carbs and dairy Mon- Fri and enjoying in moderation all the other stuff on the weekends.

Additionally to the great achievement in weight, this past August I returned to running. Ran a total of 313 miles (which is why Zuckerberg's 365-mile goal doesn't seem astounding). I ran 4 races and PRd in 2 of them. One was a default PR because it was a new distance, but the other was a nice Thanksgiving surprise. The 5k although it wasn't a PR it was a second best time for me.

12/15 Santa to the Sea Half - 2:39:21 »» 12:10
03/15 Race to the Row 8k - 00:59:43 (PR) »» 11:56
11/15 Turkey Trot 4 mi - 39:49 (PR) »» 9:57
10/15 Rock n' Roll Hollywood 5k - 30:16 »» 9:45

Sadly I did not PR on my 10th half marathon, but I was pretty proud of running a 10th half marathon and that it was injury free, and  my time was not bad but also not great - rather average for me.

This year, like most others I ran the New Year's Resolution 5k and while I did not get a 5k PR it was the best New Year's Resolution time I've ever had (31:14) which makes me optimistic about the upcoming year!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sep to Mid November

Good news. I'm down to 143 lbs. Getting closer to my goal weight of 135 lbs. 

Equally good news to report. I have run 65.3 miles in the months of Sep - Mid November. We had our honeymoon and a move in between but I am now only 3 weeks out from my half marathon race. 

I did a the Rock n' Roll Hollywood 5k with my husband and rocked it! Came in with my second best 5k time ever - 30:15. I'm thinking if I find a holiday 5k in the area I may try for a PR. 


The last race before my 1/2 marathon is a classic for my sister and I. We'll be doing the Goleta 4 Turkey Trot. My time to beat will be 40:52. Lastly, we've begun another DietBet. Last one of the year and going strong. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

First Month Back - Aug 2015: 66.7 miles

After a 19 month running hiatus due to an IT band injury, I've returned to consistent training - along with stretching, rolling and the whole nine yards. I'm doing the Fredricson Protocol for ITBS as well as a couple additional stretches. I'm also doing a 30-day squats, sit ups, crunches and plank challenge to strengthen the core. 

August (my birthday month) and therefore, my most motivating month, was my first full month of running. Logged 66.7 miles. 

I found a My Asics Plan app which is awesome for pacing! I'd strongly recommend it. It also reminds you to take rest days. 

My goal is to run the Santa to the Sea half-marathon in December (for the third time), with a good time and injury free. This will mark my 10th half-marathon!

After the Santa race if all goes as planned 2016 will be full of endless possibilities. I'm eyeing the Country Music Half in Nashville or Big Sur in CA. A lot of factors to weight. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Birthday Celebrations equal Birthday Pounds

My husband and I have birthdays two weeks apart - yay! However, that means we celebrate with outings, friends and food too much too fast.

Last Thursday I took him on a birthday dinner and froyo, Friday we did a happy hour with friends and Patxi's Pizza (at 500+ cals per slice) for dinner - and I made cheesecakes for this celebration. Saturday we went to a wedding and Sunday we went to a brewery with his family for beer and deep fried food, cheesecake again, and brownies. Monday was a day of left overs plus hot Cheetos - one of my faves. During the whole weekend I went on three 2+ mi walks and one 2.75 run. The entire celebration cost me roughly 1.4 lbs and put me back one week and one day. Oops.

That must be why they say it's about the journey, not the destination.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Fitness, Weight and Food

In 2015 Mark and I did a 6 week boot camp outdoors and then a 4 week indoor boot camp/kickboxing class. Although we were working out and feeling in shape. We had a bit of a round shape. Admittedly we were enjoying food, all kinds and in large quantities.

May 2015 I got on a fancy high tech scale that was given to us for our wedding by a beautiful couple who is super into fitness. To my dismay, my weight was 162lbs. I've never been this heavy. EVER. Maybe it was that I finally hit 30 in 2014 or that I got married the same year or the hiatus of consistent workout routines. In any case it felt terrible.

Shortly thereafter I signed up for and created a diet bet to challenge my friends to lose 4% of their body weight in 28 days. In my case that was 6 lbs. At the same time my husband and I found a two-month swimming groupon deal for a masters program. We try to go at least 2 days a week and sometimes as much as 4 days per week. I won my first dietbet, and my husband joined it and won also! We did so by tracking our food intake using myfitnesspal app and by working out consistently. After doing so, we took a weekend off. The next week we joined our second dietbet. This time I kept myself to 1200-1300 calories but no more. My husband and I again won our second diet bet! He lost 20 lbs and I've lost 13 lbs! I had never before had to worry about my weight, because I was burning calories just by running, training for fun races and to meet new goals.

I felt aggravated and annoyed about letting myself get so heavy for being only 5'2. Today I'm down to 148.4 lbs. While this is not an amazing weight it is a big difference from 162. We are taking 2 weeks off to enjoy our birthdays.

Upon returning home I will work on getting and staying between 135-140. I'll be ready to committ to training for another race. First I'll need to develop a base. Currently, my best is running 2.46 miles at an 11:17 min/mile pace. It's not bad at all. 

The key will be to keep watching my food intake and keep using that foam roller. Squats, core and back stregthening will be my friends. I can't wait to get back into a normal running routine. I miss being out there in start corrals - and writing about all the experiences I've had. 

408k Race to the Row

In late January, early February, Mark and I were doing boot camp when I saw a shirt for a local race that caught my interest.

March 01, 2015 Race to the Row 8k was my first race in 447 days - but who's counting?

The name is the 408k but it's a misnomer because it's not 408 kilometers - just 8. It's called the 408k because that's the local area code. Oh that reminds me. In Dec 2014, I moved to the bay area - leaving my beachside hometown behind. I didn't love moving but Mark got a job out in Mountain View and so we moved.

I ran somewhat consistently as I prepared for the race. I was consistent too about rolling my IT Band on running days.

Race day went well. I had never run an 8k so I had no PR for comparison.
My time was 00:59:43 that's an 11:56 pace, which is not terrible for being the first race after a 447 day hiatus. My goal at mile 3 was to keep it under an hour. As I was seeing the finish line, I thought I was past my goal time, because the timer had on it, the timer from the start of the race (not my chip time) and I almost gave up. When I remembered the difference of race start to chip time, I hustled! Still had enough hustle to come in at my goal time. Yay.