Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sep to Mid November

Good news. I'm down to 143 lbs. Getting closer to my goal weight of 135 lbs. 

Equally good news to report. I have run 65.3 miles in the months of Sep - Mid November. We had our honeymoon and a move in between but I am now only 3 weeks out from my half marathon race. 

I did a the Rock n' Roll Hollywood 5k with my husband and rocked it! Came in with my second best 5k time ever - 30:15. I'm thinking if I find a holiday 5k in the area I may try for a PR. 


The last race before my 1/2 marathon is a classic for my sister and I. We'll be doing the Goleta 4 Turkey Trot. My time to beat will be 40:52. Lastly, we've begun another DietBet. Last one of the year and going strong. 

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