Sunday, August 30, 2015

First Month Back - Aug 2015: 66.7 miles

After a 19 month running hiatus due to an IT band injury, I've returned to consistent training - along with stretching, rolling and the whole nine yards. I'm doing the Fredricson Protocol for ITBS as well as a couple additional stretches. I'm also doing a 30-day squats, sit ups, crunches and plank challenge to strengthen the core. 

August (my birthday month) and therefore, my most motivating month, was my first full month of running. Logged 66.7 miles. 

I found a My Asics Plan app which is awesome for pacing! I'd strongly recommend it. It also reminds you to take rest days. 

My goal is to run the Santa to the Sea half-marathon in December (for the third time), with a good time and injury free. This will mark my 10th half-marathon!

After the Santa race if all goes as planned 2016 will be full of endless possibilities. I'm eyeing the Country Music Half in Nashville or Big Sur in CA. A lot of factors to weight. 

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