Monday, July 27, 2015

408k Race to the Row

In late January, early February, Mark and I were doing boot camp when I saw a shirt for a local race that caught my interest.

March 01, 2015 Race to the Row 8k was my first race in 447 days - but who's counting?

The name is the 408k but it's a misnomer because it's not 408 kilometers - just 8. It's called the 408k because that's the local area code. Oh that reminds me. In Dec 2014, I moved to the bay area - leaving my beachside hometown behind. I didn't love moving but Mark got a job out in Mountain View and so we moved.

I ran somewhat consistently as I prepared for the race. I was consistent too about rolling my IT Band on running days.

Race day went well. I had never run an 8k so I had no PR for comparison.
My time was 00:59:43 that's an 11:56 pace, which is not terrible for being the first race after a 447 day hiatus. My goal at mile 3 was to keep it under an hour. As I was seeing the finish line, I thought I was past my goal time, because the timer had on it, the timer from the start of the race (not my chip time) and I almost gave up. When I remembered the difference of race start to chip time, I hustled! Still had enough hustle to come in at my goal time. Yay.

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