Sunday, July 7, 2013

Carp TriTraining - 8 wk update

Training for my first tri. The Carpinteria Triathlon on Sep 29th. (And concurrently the Nov 9 SB Marathon)

Started unofficially on May 11th with a 21.1 mile ride.

The first three weeks after the long bike ride I did two activities every single day: biking, running, swimming.

The next five weeks I've followed a schedule from

In total since May I have spent 40 hours either biking or running and logged 305 bike miles and 102 running miles. (Not including the YTD 102 Jan-Apr Miles).

Riding a bike (a mountain bike) has been a lot of fun. This has been the biggest surprise because I have never before enjoyed bike riding - much. I rode the entire course (almost) still gotta get up the entire Ortega Ridge and Toro Canyon. (.5 mile ride is a killer at the end). At least there are little surprises left. (I hope). I'm going to borrow a road bike. I'm excited that Michelle R. responded to my post today when I finally set out to ask to borrow one. I hear that a road bike it's much better for a tri but I'm a bit concerned about making the transition to a different bike - only cause it's different.

Running has not yet been too challenging because they've been 3 and 5 milers. Yesterday I had a surprisingly good 5 miler - which leads to the second part of WHY I would do this. (The first part, because a tri is on the bucket list.) The second, because a tri is excellent cross training especially leading to a full. I don't think I could do a full training alone - my left knee definitely feels worn a bit when I push it too much. (eek).

I've switched out the olympic tri training schedule run part for an 18 week marathon plan beginning last week which should fall nicely into the other schedule except for the two weeks leading up to the tri which include the 18 and 20 milers. Oops. I'll cross that bridge when I get there is kind of my thought for now. I did get to run with dolphins one day! They were at very close distance from shore maybe 20 feet?

The five miler days takes me on a trip above the Carp bluffs overlooking the rookery.

I've had a chance to do only one track work out - because I'd rather work out in the morning than at night.  (Especially on run days only which are one workout days by design). There's something about being on the track that makes it impossible to do an easy workout on it. I really ought to plan at least one track day a week.

Swimming has been probably the least fun. I've done it for the most part at 24 hour fitness. The upside - now : One more foursquare Mayorship.
I did go for one ocean swim - and that was not very cold! The seaweed grossed me out a little and it took me a while to get past the feeling like I was going nowhere, fast - and get a rhythm of sorts down.

Swimming is hard because it is boring and when it is not boring, I find it hard to control my mind for so long (up to an hour at a time). One more sucky part: No opportunity for pictures! Also, I will have to figure out the wetsuit part...eek.

All in all, the first 8 weeks have been fun. Accident and injury free so far - knock on wood. I am 12 weeks out from race day - so I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to master a road bike, Toro Canyon, Ortega Ridge, cold water and faster 10ks. I've double checked my calendar that I did not double book a wedding on race weekend (as has happened before - doh). This race training comes at a good time when I have very little else imposing a routine or balance in my life - so I'm thankful everyday to work toward something.

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