Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Saw Aaron & now for a little run, dance & bike

My knee was killing me last week - to the point to where I began icing it. Yesterday I got dressed for a run when I remembered how much my knee hurt, so I called Aaron, the owner of Channel Island Chiropractic and he said they were open until 6pm. I considered taking the bike, except for that hurts far more than walking.

He found me to be quite "off". He did his thing and within minutes I was good to go again. Today I took a short bike ride to the gym, got 1.91 miles on the treadmill still at that 4.0 for 25 min with 149 avg HR, 162 max & burned 283 cals (which I'm quickly recuperating as I chow down on a choc. chip cookie).

The real reason for the gym though was a cardio/dance class from 8-9 which now I found out is TUE and THU. I might have a new hobby. Nevermind the fact that I am ridiculously uncoordinated. (It's really not funny at all) Learning to follow dance steps seems to tap into the same part of my brain as learning a foreign language. You know that moment when you are reaching in there to find just the right word translation, yea, that's me trying to remember, repeat and coordinate steps (and this is not even with music yet!). I had a good time, and I am honestly enjoying my time off to he fullest...cause hey, why not?

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