Monday, November 2, 2009

fall back

Time change let me go to 24 hr fitness & church on Sunday morning. Did 10 min warm up on elliptical machine, then 15 min of those machines 3 sets of 12 reps primarily legs and arms, then I wanted to run 20 minutes and do the 5 warm down, but instead input 25 min (run) + the 5 warm down. I had a great time SUNDAY, but it was really hot. Today I'm going for the same run time and warm up, no weights due to time but really to ease into it.

Yesterday I forgot my watch, but I do want to track the heart rate for the run time. Right now it is slow at a .5 incline and 25 min on a 4.0 speed (15 mi/hr) but I want to get up to 40 min runs at 5.0 and even 6.0 speed (or 11 min/mile) so I can then have the endurance and work on the same speeds but on the street.

Today's (11/02/09) numbers only for the 25:05 that I worked hardest, 12:35 were in target zone, avg HR 163, max HR 177 & total cals 330.

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