Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Running blogs, twitter lists, posts- oh and run

Today I created a running list on twitter! (http://twitter.com/#/list/osum/running) Oh and I found a website with a directory of running blogs (http://completerunning.com/running-blogs/) which I am working through. If they are good about updating on an ongoing basis, I will add them to my blog list. Also, I saw on one of them the idea of writing your races on your blog, so I added a Race Results list on my blog, and am now displaying my labels! Lots done regarding running communications- oh yes and I ran.
Good Short- Downtown 3.69 mi / 00:44 11:52 pace

The run itself was good. (emotionally I just was feeling restless...) the run was smooth, I felt a little tight in the calves. The run up state street is where I made up for some time. It was fun running on state while there was a farmers market and a good crowd. Requires a little focus and alternating speed. (Although I'm not sure the pedestrians enjoyed it as much as I did)- I would do it again. Got dark exactly when I came back. Perfect timing and weather.

As the year wraps up, I am beginning to look for a goal for next year. I'd like to train for a marathon. The LA one seems appealing in March, but I'm open to finding a race I REALLY want to do. (I lost my runner's world latest issue which includes many of the upcoming races- if it is not at my parents' I might buy it again) urgh.

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