Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dec update- and about track work outs in SB

December has been a great month for running in SB. The temp has been cool enough to be enjoyable. (And since I continue unemployed, I do nothing but run)

I started track work outs, which I dread because they are taxing on the body, but as I've done them I realize there is no other way to improve than to just put in the time. I can't just run the same routes time and time again "hoping" to improve. Logging my workout in www.dailymile.com has also maintained me motivated.

For now, the short term goal was just to get into the habit of running everyday again, and starting track work outs. Soon I hope to chose a race (most than likely LA marathon-March or Colorado- April, maybe even both.) and start training toward that.

Because it is Christmas week, I took off the week from track workouts and am just gonna do 3 long runs, did 10 miles yesterday, prob run to my parents tomorrow (12-13) and do the 10 again friday, cause there is nothing I love about running more than just getting out there for a while.

The first race I have coming up is the New Years Resolution Race 5k on Jan 1, and I am sure I'll be ready for a much better time this year than Jan 1, 09!! (and I sure hope 2010 altogether is far better- in general, but also in regard to running, because my life was so, hectic this year I didn't get a single 1/2 or full in). 2010 I expect to be the year!

Lastly, I friended Bart Yasso on facebook and as his 4000 friend, he said he would send me a prize package- cool! In my email to him, I mentioned my blog, and mentioned the SBCC track and what a great place it is to work out at. I didn't ever consider it in the abstract, but there isn't a better place to do track work outs, how can I possibly dread them when they are done in a place like this!

Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2010!

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