Monday, September 28, 2009

September- Month Running Summary

Month Running Summary

Total Distance :31.58total miles
Total Time:06:58total time
Avg Pace:13:14avg pace
Total Calories:5739calories burned
I've only run 6 days this month (with a 16 day brake somewhere midway) urgh. I feel a little old and out of shape. It's a special feeling since I'm not really categorically old, and I might be at one of the more constant parts of my life regarding weight. (I've been biking and walking far more since July 28th.) However, I haven't been running constantly and it's taking an obvious toll on me.

At this point my current avg pace is 13:14. According to Runners' World Pace Calculator my projected time for a half is 2:53:21 (30 min over my pr- sb half) and at a projected 5:46:42 for a full (2:03 minutes behind my pr- Huntington).

I want to run the sb half (11/07/09) and the full (12/06/09) and I would like to do a descent job, but I don't know how good it'll be. Also, I need to find a loop that is fun, safe and roughly 5.5 miles to have a run that is between the 3 sbcc miles and the 7.5 shoreline/carrillo loop.

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