Thursday, October 8, 2009

October and rethinking the plan

October pace is far better 11:28. Mind you, I've only run 7.38 miles in 2 days. I am thinking the half on 11/7 and full 12/6 might be too much too soon. (and a little expensive) but I would hate to not run any (big) race this year.

I missed many small ones I like to do, and the ones I did, were not impressive, PRs or anything. So I dunno what to do. Maybe keep increasing the mileage and if I'm at 13 in a month (which is kind of easy since a I have a 7.6 regular) and a (4 and 5 loop) then it might be worthwhile to shoot for the full. They're kind of expensive too. ($55 for the half and $115 for the full) (I guess it's all relative) but the way I see it, both of these races are $0 for travel and $0 for lodging. So, who knows...

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