Tuesday, September 8, 2009

744 and those damned KNEES!

7.44 miles was the run for this morning and it felt good! (744 SB weekends 7.43 mi 01:40 13:26 pace). I think it is a route that made sense and I had thought about for a while but didn't map until this weekend.

The Carrillo hill was much shorter uphill (and steeper) than I expected. A lot of downhill so in every run, that requires taking care of the knees!!! It was fun, I felt good at the end but at about the hour I felt a little tired. It was always humid, and I started half an hour later than I would have liked (630am)

That's not the interesting part...now at 6pm my knees are killing me (more so the right one) and usually the one that hurts is the left one post downhill work outs. Took a couple of Advil but I would like to learn how to protect against the pain, because the last time it hurt this badly was on the last or second to last long run leading up to Huntington (feb 08) and I couldn't run at all after Huntington due to the knees for a good while.

Anyhow, for now I feel old! Whenever something hurts a good amount it makes me wonder if it's worth it. Especially since I've heard a lot about runners getting knee replacements as a cost of running. I'd hate to force that on myself, but running so improves MY quality of life (and I believe in turn, those around me) so it might be worth it in the end... who knows?

P.S. This was the stillness by the ocean on this morning's run

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