Friday, April 24, 2009

The Garden Incline

It's hardly that big of an incline it's all about getting used to a different run. I've logged it on favorite (

Tweets I've posted on Twitter read as follows about this 5.84 mi (9.39 km) run:

-just put in an hour to east beach and back. the sequential Garden St. incline is going to kill me unless i dominate it first (13 days ago)

tweetdeck has been fascinating. i gotta go to sleep if i plan to get up early enough to try the Garden incline again. (9 days ago)

ran went well. saw the prom kids down by the beach.also some drumming festival and lots of tourists. Didn't let the garden incline win! :) (6 days ago)

took off 2min 07 seconds from the Garden incline. yay (today)

The first time I did it, it took 1:10 (approx) a few times later I was down to 1:03 and by today I got it down to 1:00 exactly. Part of bringing down the time has to do w/pure repetition, but I did also start some basic training for non running stuff, essentially strength training and core building, because when one is balanced in their strength, it also enables stability and endurance.

As I keep moving through challenges (some more successfully than others) I really can use a parallel run and the Garden incline will be just that, with the possibility to cut time and eventually add distance. I will get my heart rate battery before Monday so I can really meet this challenge head on, as is the only way that any endeavors can really be approached.

Tomorrow I'm doing the Gaucho Gallop, 10k which I haven't "trained for" but expect to cut a good amount of time from last years 1:06:59.

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