Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"To run or not to run?" That is the question.

I love to run given the opportunity to run.

I need to have the time and I prefer good weather although I know it is the rougher weather that really tests the commitment and tenacity of a person.

When I talk with people and running (long distances) comes up, they do often ask why I do it. I do it because it gives me serenity, clarity, and a little bit of space from the everyday stuff. I also like the challenge it provides: neither insurmountable or insignificant.

Recently I've been running not in a disciplined way, but much like a child: running away from things or toward things-I'm not certain which of the two I'm doing most. A couple weeks ago I ran the usual 5 in the morning with my buddy Bri, and later, that evening had such a storm going that I put in another 7. I had barely been running 6 a week but all of a sudden the 12 didn't feel so bad. For the first time in a long time, I was running with stored up energy, not the normal supply but the kind that taps into your every frustration and excitement all at the same time.

This Saturday I had some time on my hands and some thinking still pending, so I headed out for 13.3 miles and didn't even think twice about it. (Partly because I didn't remember the exact distance) The first 5 were in the company of a friend which was unplanned but welcomed-the next 8.3 was just me. I ran the Goleta 13.3 (or so I call them). During a marathon training this loop replaces the 6 miler, but Saturday, it was certainly a welcomed challenge.

Races can be done for a whole host of reasons. They can be a part of training (5ks, 4milers) they can be end goals in it of themselves, so a 1/2 can be the goal or training for a full. They can also just be something to do to stay continuously motivated. Each race, the way I figured needs to be done purposefully. There is no such thing as just doing it. Each is run with a sense of determination, and you bring to it whatever goals, and training you have acquired. So for me now the question is, "to run or not to run?"

I am looking to maybe (most likely/possibly) run the SF half in July (w/Hafiza and Amy) and the SB full in December. I am still uncertain because I need to know what will happen with this election season. One of my biggest mistakes last year was to plan, register and pay entry fees for races that just did not match an electoral calendar. So in the primary (election) I missed the NY half, and in the general (election)I missed the SF full and prep for the SB9T.

Running will be done regardless, but this time, I am trying to carefully decide which races I run if any...but most importantly when, why, what are the costs and benefits and if/how do they fit into a long term plan.


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