Monday, March 2, 2009

In 8 months I...

Haven't written in a while maybe since last summer. And while I have not been running consistently, I have not stopped running entirely.

Last August, my friend Hafiza, my sister Ceci and I ran the McConnell's 5K and while the race course was a little odd (by Goleta beach) the reward at the end was all well worth it. (33:55)

Later that month, I got a chance to meet Dean Karnazes - The Ultramarathon man. I bought his book 50/50 which chronicles his endeavor to run 50 marathons in 50 days in all 50 states. I shared with him, that my favorite part about his first book is that he included the challenges and failure on his road to success. In his dedication in the book he wrote:

"Best wishes in failure & success. Just never give up!"

Nearing the end of the summer, I finally had a free Wednesday to participate in the Santa Barbara runner's tradition of Night Moves. Night Moves is a series of 5ks that take place once a week, and you can even swim a mile in the ocean ahead of the race! I had been intending to participate the past two years unsuccessfully, but not that I have, I hope to do it again this year. The course is essentially the first part of the SB half marathon, so it has its ups and downs ;0)
I did this race with my long time friend Jen and then we had beer, food, meet a lot of new people and finished off with some ICE CREAM. (31:54)

Oh yes, and then there was Disney last summer

Last bigger race I did was the Disney Half...TONS of fun. Didn't train until maybe a few weeks leading up to it. I think my chip time was around 2:32:32 (Because I remember it being 9 minutes more than the SB half).

Because I hadn't trained long, I didn't expect to do well,
so I was just happy to run it. They call this one in their advertisement, "The Happiest place on earth". It really was neat. It ran through the Disney park and California Adventure around L.A. past the Angels' stadium and LA Aqueduct. I would strongly recommend this one for anyone looking to do something fun to finish off the summer.

Post August came campaign season (political campaigns) election stuff, so I was quite without some running. The only memorable run due to its distinctiveness was one I did up in Arcata, CA. I saw a deer run right past me and it kind of startled me.

I didn't do any type of event until Turkey Day (late November) when Hafiza and I did the turkey 4 miler, which was fun, but perhaps I felt a little, "out of my element". (45:27)

For New Year's, my sister and I decided to start off the year on a good note and we ran in our first ever Resolutions Run in SB, yet another 5k on by the beach. I set a really bad time that can easily be improved on throughout the year! There is something to be said about very early morning races after very late nights...(think new year's eve). (37:33)

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