Monday, September 24, 2007

10 mi. & it didn't Rain!

After a dry summer, we finally got a tenth of an inch of rain on Friday. I was a little worried it would rain on Saturday morning say around 7-10 but it didn't Rain. It was a prefect morning for my first 10 mile run. The air felt fresh, the clouds and sky morphed continuously as it does during the rain seasons. It was gorgeous. When I had 40 minutes left, I started to feel fairly tired but I got my second wind twenty minutes later...I'm not sure what triggered the extra surge of energy.

The run started at Leadbetter beach and we ran up Shoreline around a a block by the Lazy Acres and back down, on the beach bike path to the bird refuge and back to Leadbetter beach.

For the first time I tried those 'gels' and it was an orange flavor...but a little gross, i washed it down with pink Gatorade and I feel it helped maintain a certain energy level but it was kind of nasty. I heard that other flavors are better. Any suggestions?

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