Thursday, September 20, 2007

One day at a time...some faster than others

This "chronic cough" as I have deemed it has still been bugging...but now i decided to ignore it. Going on 4 weeks, I've had enough... Last night I went to track training which was moved from Tuesday nights to Wednesday nights, which means I can go (provided that there are no meetings I ought to be at).

Last night's training at La Playa stadium was good. It was challenging (I blame 1/2 of it on this cough). But we ran a 6 lap 12 min warm up, 2 x200 (one lap, running a half of that at 90% intensity-1:38 min) and then we did 4 x400 (one lap, running the whole lap at 80% intensity- about 2:00min) and then just two cool down laps. It was fun after, once the endorphins kick in enough to be more fun and less struggle. I am lucky to fit (time wise) with a group of about 5 girls, so we often run together and thats always a good motivator (to lead, or to keep up with these ladies).

Saturday we will be doing a "mock" run of the race day trail. We will be out there for 2 hours. And our biggest task is to be hydrated enough.

I wanted to also mention that thanks to your contributions, the money raised so far has been $1,033 I am certain when I am through the amount will surpass my 2,500 goal!!! Thanks!

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