Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Following my shadow...

When I get up to go for a run at 7 am, the sun is also rising but it is somewhat light. Right at the end of my first mile I can see the yellow light emanate from the sun. At about mile two right on Cathedral Oaks and Glenn Annie, I turn to run away from the sun. All of a sudden I face my least favorite part of the run (DP hill) which is not a very steep hill but maybe it is mildly and continuously steep for 1/2 mile. With the sun higher than before and at my back , it is at this time when my shadow is long and tall and ahead of me. I run, and I try to keep up with my shadow that stands tall, and reaches the end goal several strides ahead of me. The top of DP hill is about 20 minutes into my run, but once I conquer it, the rest is just cruising.

The most dangerous part of my run is on the Winchester Canyon crossing primarily the part between the paved stuff and the bridge that hasn't even rails/barriers on the sides. (In fact long before I cared about municipal governments, I complained to the city about's an accident waiting to happen) Luckily for me right at this time of the year (more so about a month ago) the sun is still behind me but a little off to the side, so my shadow is long and sticks out not ahead of me but at an angle, so when cars drive beside me, they move all the way to the end of the shadow. In this case, my shadow protects me. At the end of the entire Winchester ordeal, I realize I facing the sun, and open pavement, the road is ahead of me, the shadow behind me, and it depends on how much heart I have whether or not I complete another record.

Yesterday I came in at my then 3rd best time: 1:03:43
Today I completed the usual 'loop' in my best time: 1:01:02

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