Thursday, August 16, 2007

Day 9/10- The 'Birthday Run' and thursday...

Day 9- August 15- 23rd bday
For the 5th year in a row, I went on a 'Birthday Run'. I almost didn't because it was dark and ashy. VERY ashy from the fire still, but how can I of all people break a habit as good as the "Birthday Run"?! I have 2 runs every year that are special...the first is the 'Birthday Run', the second is 'New Year's run'. Neither can be ignored.

Of the two, I'd say the b-day run is most important. Yesterday I did the 'loop' around the house in 1hour 13 min. (I'd venture to say the ash was not helping!)

The birthday run is really a thinking thing...The questions that must be answered are good for the most part and its really the best time for reflection...

What are/have been your accomplishments since you turned 22?
What have you accomplished in the last year in your education?
How about 'professionally' or with work?
Where are you in regards to your short term goals?
Where are you in regards to your long term works?
What is the single larges accomplishment for this next year that you seek?
What is the greatest obstacle to achieving success in that and how will you overcome it?
How will this help you in the long run?

How are you doing socially?
How well did you take care of your friendships this year?
Did you grow in any friendship/relationship/
Are there any relationships you could do without?
Are there friendships/relationships you would like to pursue?
How can you improve with each of your closer friends?

How is your relationship to your family?
Which area of how you relate to your family members?
How are you balancing your time? Are you spending enough time with your family?
How could you improve your time spent with mom, dad, sis and grandma?
What do you hope to work on with your family relationship?

In general are you trying your hardest?why or why not?
Where could you try harder?

How are you doing internally? Are you happy?
What could improve your motivation?
What would make you happier?
Are you fulfilled?
If there is something you want, is it a need or a fairly unnecessary want?
Did you rely on your faith in the past year?Was all that you did this year done in a way that it ought to have been done?
Did you grow in your faith or distance yourself? why?
What can you do better in this regard? What is one thing you will commit to, in order to grow in your faith?

Physically are you secure enough? why or why not?
What is a fitness/habits goal that you have for this next year?

Outline your top priorities...and we'll see for the New Year's run how far you've come.

And so, by the time I'm there mentally I'm pretty much right around the corner from home. I find this reflective time really gets me focused and its consistent enough that if something is awfully wrong, it often won't last too long. The other thing about you can fool anybody and tell anybody what they want to hear, but when it's just you, you have to be accountable for yourself, and honest...there's no way to go wrong with a little self reflection. Socrates' thing was "know thyself", and I have for years lived by this with a little Uribe twist, "know thyself, and you will never be disappointed". (for good or bad).

Day 10-
Too much like tuesday...a lot of strength training at the rec cen, and a short 20 min period on the eliptical machine...

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