Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day 8- Tuesday TNT

Today at 6pm is our training, so this morning as I head out to the gym (to maintain my morn routine), I know it will be short and maybe not easier but certainly not really tiring. I gotta do all the 'fun' stuff...sit-ups, push-ups, weight training which is repetitive and slow. Although you burn absolutely no calories, it can get kinda tough.

Tonight is TNT at the track at 6! (my last one for a while, since I will have school on Tuesday nights starting next week, however, they will move practice in September to Wed, but even then I can probably only make practice once a month...but it's alright...my daily training very well complement the Tue track training. And I can also get the exercise pattern and go to the stadium on my own...the only thing I would need is to figure out the shower problem...hmm...

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