Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 19- How MANY miles?!?!

Saturday morning, I rolled out of bed, got dressed and rolled back into bed for those last 10 minutes. I got to training 3 minutes before 7 and we got started. Ran from the Camino Real Market Place past the new Engeneering Buildings out at UCSB. I don't know how many miles but I came back in 58 minutes.

The run was long I felt, but 58 minutes is fairly shorter than my usual outdoor run. I think running w/other people really pushes you the whole way (vs. running by yourself, at least I kind of slack a little on my own). It's not bad though to be pushed...

I have a theory that if you push someone to do better they benefit, and in them doing better, you have to at least maintain your efforts, which is true of running, bowling or overal work ethic, study habits etc. If you're the one pushed...then the extra encouragement really helps (and it never crosses your mind that your improvement come to the benefit of your peer/s.)

oh yea...and my left leg fell asleep which was the second time this week...hmm

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