Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 12- Day 18 A failure in blogging

Day 12 - Saturday night, I scheduled my work out so tightly that in order to make the most of it, I only ran on the treadmill for 25 minutes, but I pushed most of that time.My heart was going and it just felt GREAT!!! My average heart rate was 177 beats/min and my Maximum HR was 190 beat/minute.

Sunday I rested and Monday too(because I knew it would be a long day and the beginning of the Fall semester.)

Tuesday- Day 15, I did some strength training followed by 30 minutes of a run just like the one I did on Saturday, only I went a little longer and pushed a little harder. The outcome?Well, I actually burned 52 calories more (so exactly 5 min worth of working out) but my average heart rate and maximum heart rate decreased.(172/avg HR, 189 Max HR)

Wednesday -Day 16, I did it once more(except without the strength training) and continued to push just a little harder. By Wednesday again my average heart rate had gone to 163 and my maximum heart rate was at 186.

Thursday- Day 17 I just didn't get up on time to go work out. Hmm I attribute this to the fact that I forgot to set my clothes for the day. =0(

Friday- Day 18 I wanted to go run outdoors now that the fire is gone, but running in the dark is still not my favorite, so again I went in for a run on the treadmill, apparently I took a liking to this routine. It is fast, it is consistent and it is challenging. Today again my avg HR was at 168/ and my max HR was 189. No record setting even though I worked longer and harder. And since last Saturday, even though I push a lot harder, my 'polar heart rate monitor' swears I'm in my 'comfortable target zone'.

Lesson- Applicable in life: If you push yourself hard, and often enough, you believe this is not only doable, but doable comfortably, and once you get this far, you cannot go back in your efforts and become mediocre while claiming to 'work hard'. In order to work hard, now this has become your new 'average' and to be better you must push harder.

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