Monday, July 27, 2015

Santa to the Sea Half-Marathon (Goodbye to running for now)

December 8, 2013. After a tri, a half and a 4 miler I was ready to set an amazing PR for myself. I was hoping to set a PR yet, I was feeling so good I went too fast. My half PR is 2:23:21. I was going so fast that I hit the halfway point at 1:10:55. After the halfway point, I began getting a pain on my side leading down to my knee. I never knew about the tibial band - but now I do. I finished the half by walking jus under the 3-hour mark at 2:59:04.6. My second half of the race took 1:48:09. I was crying because I felt I could've had a great finish. Sure it's not winning the Olympics but after the year I had - I expected to do better. My mom was at the finish line and she looked worried.

My leg was hurt but my soul was crushed. Everything hurt for days later. For the first year in long time, I didn't start 2014 with a 5k race. It sucked!

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