Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011- 2 Halves, no fulls, plenty of of 5ks

2011 was a fun, laid back, mediocre racing year for me, however living in Santa Barbara every year is a great running year!

I'm happy to report there were NO running injuries this year. Yay. While I did break my shoulder and it did put me out for a few months, it was not running related.

2011 Summary

- Logged 350 miles - that's pretty low.
- I ran Ojai 2 Ocean and the Las Vegas half marathon. Loved the first, but not the second.
- Downgraded my Montecito half marathon to a 10k cause it was so unbelievably unorganized!
- Ran a lot more of the nite moves than I have before (4 or 5) then I broke my shoulder and couldn't continue.
- Missed State Street Mile - I want to say because I was sick?
- Sold my Wine Country Half Bib at the last possible minute because I double booked it as the same day as a friend's wedding.
- No PRs.

In 2012 I'm looking for a few things
- Another full marathon
- PR in a full marathon
- I'm considering a 10 mile trail race
- A 5k PR
- No running or other injuries that will put me out for anything longer than an average cold would...

One of the highlight of 2011 was the medal rack my best friend made, so I could display my medals :)

Cheers to hoping that you had as good of a running year as I did if not better!


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