Friday, July 9, 2010

Finding confidence again.

I never claimed to be a great runner, not even a good one, just a happy one seeking to accomplish some goals. Two marathons and local races were enough to make me feel sure of myself and of my body- at least mechanically speaking.

Yesterday wrapped up my 10th week after figuring out the pain I had was a stress fracture- common enough- but it had me out for 6 weeks and these last 4 weeks of running have been far more challenging and slow than I had expected. Coincidentally, yesterday was my first run with absolutely no pain, and this week has had the highest mileage (11 miles) since the week of March 22-March 28

The last several weeks that I have been running with the running class, at an even slower than normal pace, I have constantly been split between enjoying the running time, and being concerned about my recovery. The last thing I want is to make a mistake and have to sit on my butt for another 6 weeks. (especially in the summer time).

Something interesting that the Scott, the running coach told me is that with stress fractures, once they are completely healed, the previously affected part becomes even stronger. Hard to believe, and even harder to trust, based on fear. Finding confidence again in something as simple as running without the fear of failure is a challenge; I'm sure not an insurmountable one, but a more difficult one than I would have hoped for. There is, however, excitement that I am now at a turning point where it's only uphill from here (or at least mainly uphill from here). We'll see.

For right now my only goals are to keep running a little further and a little faster every week. Oh yes, and in a couple of weeks we'll race (as part of the running class) the Nite Moves 5k, and on my birthday (Sun, Aug 15th) I'll race the McConnell's 5k! (if all goes well)

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Yes, it's amazing what the body will do to protect itself by making the area stronger. Welcome back to the world of running.......