Monday, June 28, 2010

Good & Bad days- That's life.

The tibia some days is still extremely painful, for no reason too. I am beginning my 3rd week of running with the running class. My pace varies and so does the comfort. I've had some good days of running in between some not so good.

Last week for the first time I took on a hill. That hill there on that Elings park is a killer. Left calf felt extremely tight, almost in pain, so I didn't want to rock the boat, but also, honestly, I've never really been a hill runner. Regardless, I feel that any and all hills can be conquered if they are ran enough. So for my free day, I think I will try the damn hill again, and shoot for at least a couple of repeats. So, there.

The good from today, is that I have logged my second longest run 2.7 miles in many weeks. The bad, it hurt today.

Class was cancelled today, so I ran in the evening with my sister. Did 3 x 10 min run with a 2' walk break the first time, and a 3 min break the second. The first 2- 10 min segments hurt a good bit, the last one didn't hurt as much, but it wasn't too comfortable either- but was significantly faster. I have noticed it hurts a little less when I wear the KT tape AND the Compression leggings,(which I didn't wear today) so I guess I'll stick with those.

I got some "Airr" women's performance insoles with heel and arch encapsulated air chambers, since I have never gotten insoles for the over pronation thing- so I will be monitoring to see if they help, which I hope they do. I also got an ipod holder for my music :)

Until next time, I'll just Keep on, keeping on, as a friend would say.

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