Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1 month overview + a bad training week

If you count the last long run I did of 17 miles (which should have been run on Sun the 30th, but instead was run Feb 1st in reality) then here is the numbers coming out of the first month of training for the LA Marathon

136 miles in 25:56hr which is roughly a 10:20 pace which is not bad.Certainly beats the 11:06 average pace from Dec- my pre training month. So far, I am definitely hating tuesdays, they're hard.

Including the 17 on the last sunday (plan)
week 4- 40 miles 9:47 pace
week 5- 7 miles 10:20 pace

Including the 17 on the 1st monday of the month(actual)
week 4- 23 miles 9:47 pace
week 5- 24 miles 14:02 pace

This last week of training, was hard. I dealt with a difficult schedule & rain. Because I moved that 17 miles to monday, I rested on tuesday and ran the terrible tuesday run on Wed. I was scheduled for 11 miles but was only able to do 4 including a quitter last mile. The wed & thursday runs were fine, but then I couldn't get a run in on friday or a 5-10k that was laid out in my plan for this past weekend.

Week 6 is off to a better start, not spectacular, but acceptable. For fun I ran 20 min yesterday and used it to run some errand! Cleaver. Today for Treadmill tuesday I ran 10 miles (instead of 13) at 10:18 pace, which is not bad. I am certain the rest of the week will be better, and am ready to have another good long run on sunday, where I get to hit 18 mi. If all goes well, I expect to register for the race and the hotel at the beginning of next week. :0)

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