Wednesday, January 2, 2008

4:08:14 New Year's 20-mi.

I ran this past weekend. Saturday I ran the loop setting a 4th best time (after not running for about a week and a half). Sun I ran again. And my first four hours of the New Year (7:17am-11:25am) I spent running 20 miles.

It felt good. My legs were not in pain last night and I only feel them today when I think about it. I still have to find a way to get at least 5 more miles onto that distance before 2/3/07 (Huntington Beach Marathon). I'd love to run a 4 hr. marathon but today it seems a little tough, I can probably be ready in a month though.

Among the things I experienced on Tuesday's long run: I saw a condor catch a bird mid-flight, a lot of people slept in, I could tell by the difference in quantity of newspapers lying on the floor, that I had to jump over. I saw a sticker that said "Blessed are the peacemakers", which made me reflect on a lot of annoyance and confusion I've had about Bhutto's assassination, but I think it made me be somewhat appeased. In the last hour, I got to the bluffs and met Morgan, a young boy 7 and a half to be exact and his sister (a bit younger), they ran along with me until we acquainted ourselves and they shared what they got for Christmas. I was pleased to see many families walking on the beach as the day got hotter. (and I'm glad it did because by 830 it was still 44F according to the clock and thermometer by the fairview theater).

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