Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A week without blogging...NOT without running

I've gone a week without blogging, and I apologize.

Saturday training (Day 26) was a longer run than before. We ran from the Camino Real Marketplace to Goleta Beach and back in a little more than an hour. (an estimated 6 mi run altogether). We then had an injury prevention clinic and it was informative enough.

Sunday (Day 27) I woke up completely sore so I absolutely had to run in the morning. (I find it if I don't go when I am sore, then I'll be very sorry the first time I do run again) So I ran and I was a little slow, but proud to be out on a hot Sunday morning. =0) I did the loop and carried on with my day.

Labor Day Monday (Day 28) Again I woke up a little less sore but much more tired. Again I went out on an even slower run, and I had to take a minor detour to return a key to friend along the way.

Tuesday (day 29) I woke up feeling not only tired but a little sick. I skipped the run and got some DayQuil...Wed (day 30) also skipped the morning run. But tomorrow I have to go run because Fridays we are expected to rest so that we can do well on the Saturday run. I heard that this weekend we are running from Leadbetter to the Biltmore and back in 1:15 so, I need to run tomorrow so as to NOT be thrown off guard on Saturday.

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