Thursday, September 13, 2007

Day 38- Still not running >:0(

So this cough...still hasn't gone away, and last night I had decided to run this morning. This morning I woke up and it's as if I'd gotten worse rather than better. But I have to run this Saturday (cuz it's starting to affect my overall mood and productivity).

Actually, that's why I took up running after quitting soccer, because I needed to do something to get negative energy out and restore new energy. At the most stressed times of life I run.In general I run to be pretty well balanced and take in new things, and figure out solutions to old problems. Sitting all day at work and school without running, makes it hard to focus...hmm and I haven't quite figured out the correlation.

On a more exciting note!!! I have had new donations added to this effort. Check out the donation page

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