Saturday, August 11, 2007

Day 4-I remember yet another ally

Friday- the biggest contribution to this training was not the time spent on the eliptical machine nor the wine & conversations had at the Environmental Defense Center at their TGIF, but they both made me glad it was again Friday in Paradise...which is always a good motivator to go out on a run!

The single largest contributor was my visit to Aaron at Channel Island Chiropractic (306 E. Cota, SB) (805-966-7771). Aaron is kind of amazing. His faith is who he is, so independent of the relief you get from visiting him and getting 're-adjusted', he is always friendly and has a positive attitude, that kinda stays with you even after.

I understand the concept of chiropractors...and I haven't an idea how I first went to see him, but as I thought of this training for the big 13.1, I figuered I would go and make sure all was 'straight', so that while running, no one body part would compensate for an un-allignment (?). So, that was my Friday.

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