Sunday, June 5, 2011

2nd best PR

Ran Ojai 2 Ocean half today. Very small field specially since more people usually run the half than the full. The only thing we got at the expo: Fruit + vegetable chews.

For dinner in Ventura we (coach extraordinare and I) went to Olive Garden. Got the Tour of Italy and ate 2/3. Yum. For dessert: cold stone! Coffee w/ Snickers.

Race started at 6 AM. Absolutely perfect weather. We expected rain but got 58 degrees, no wind, sun or anything. A little sun toward the end.

Me at the start. No bathrooms. They were counting on the state park ones being open at 5 but they weren't. Oops. Good thing I didn't need it. This is what the mile markers looked like.

Forgot my hat so I bought this one. A lucky one is my guess.

I expected to come in under 2:45 close to 2:30 was my hope. I thought a double loop course would be boring but knowing the course was great - mentally. At mile 6.5 I was at 1:12. It occurred to me that not only would I come in under 2:30 but possibly PR (2:23:23.) Things went well up to the 11th mile where I started getting leg cramps. I wasn't able to PR but I was happy to beat 3 other half marathon times. (2:26:26)

Had fun overall. I'm gonna shoot for a PR next month at the Montecito Half Marathon.

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