Saturday, January 29, 2011

Always a new runner inside.

Hadn't run all week. I had plenty of excuses, but I had so much fun today that I finally got out. When I don't run for a bit (even a week) and I run again, I feel that same initial love for running that got me into it for the long haul. "This is so much fun! I should do this more often, I should train for something." Luckily, I already signed up for the wine country half marathon in May. And am making a point to plan runs with other people.

The other thing I like about getting out there are all the things I see. Even along a worn down route. Today, I ran on the bikepath along the bird refuge. The sun was breaking through the pacifi ocean morning fog, and the sun shone brightly over the mount on the beach side. Through the trees at a short distance, though the sun shone a little dimmer, a bit darker, and then I remembered, just where it shown differently, lies the graveyard.

The other day I posted on twitter a quick thought about how running doesn't really get easier. When we are disciplined, (or in training) we are used to getting up when it is still dark and cold and get going, during a good season, we won't event think about it twice. But just because we don't think about staying in bed another five more minutes or for the morning, doesn't mean we wouldn't be able to. This is a small and subtle challenge, maybe even a temptation. Because we don't follow the temptation, it was another successful morning! Everything about running is filled with challenges, opportunities or temptations, and just because we have been running for a year, 5 or 50, overcoming any of these -walk breaks, easy days because of laziness, skipping a work out- isn't easier when we face them. A mile is still a mile, 10 miles are still an achievement of their own, even if you're used to running 20, and so on.

I once read Dean Karnazes point out, in a magazine or maybe a book, that he thinks this when he is not entirely sure he is up for a run. (paraphrasing) "I have never gone out to run, and felt worse when I finished." Ah! So true! So this post is to acknowledge the days you overcome the excuses and challenges, and attain achievements, some will be repeated, but not any less meaningful, and others will be new and exciting.

Cheers to more running as the days get longer and warmer!

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