Sunday, October 24, 2010

Midnight 5k Avila Beach

I almost forgot to write about how much fun at the special olympics fun run in SLO. Because I was working in Santa Maria, my sister drove up to meet me there. We grabbed some dinner- shared a plate at The Olive Garden, then drove to SLO together. We checked into a classy motel 6 and then headed to our race. We didn't get lost, and I had never been to Avila Beach before. Although the rain seemed to be a threat it turned out to only be a drizzle.

It was the smallest field of racers ever, but it was fun to see some in costumes- the best was the girl creature from Avatar.

There was some police presence and search and rescue lights had been provided for what would be the start/end of the course as it was an out and back was a full moon and as always running next to the ocean is peaceful. I was surprised to see some light traffic on the road we were running on. My sister kept a slow but constant pace...although she claims otherwise, at times I slowed down to stay with her. (Toward the end of our summer running class she developed shin splints and didn't really keep running post summer so I did not want her to hurt herself). At one point she did complain of pain in her leg, so we continued at a constant but slowed pace, and wouldn't you know it, despite it all, she saved the last few feet to get it and beat me... Not so fast. I too put in a last minute push to beat her by seconds... And with that we ended a random but fun run!

Location:Avila Beach

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