Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Leaving the marathon behind and going for INSANITY

Took an 11 day break after my las workout (a 3 mile run) after I had already taken a week long break but I'm back. It's tough after running a marathon to have the motivation to keep running, so I decided to start the INSANITY training (by Beachbody) to switch things up, and to make running, the easy/happy part of my day- in comparison. Insanity is a set of videos ofMaximum interval training, killer cardio and plyometrics. Luckily for me, my best friend happens to also be doing it, since I mentioned to her I was considering taking it up, and she is already on week 3. I started it Monday and couldn't fit it in yesterday but I'm moving on to bigger and better, and just did day 2 today. It's fun in its own way. It's pretty intense, but also, I'm not sure if it is the intensity, the speed or the high low and jump exercises, but it does make you feel a little sick to your stomach. (which reminds me of PE in elementary school & junior high.) Once I finished today's 43 minutes, I went for a really short run (2.45 miles) which was nice :)

Run today was

mile 1-12:33
mile 2-10:10-
mile 2.45- 5:21


TNTcoach Ken said...

I'm hearing some insane things about it!!!!! Good thinking about making running fun again..

Patti L. said...
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RunningLarge said...

Now that you've been doing it a bit longer...
What do you think? Still making you feel sick?

Yuri said...

I've heard insanity is pretty good. At the end of the day, any program that gets you doing intervals more often is a good thing. Hope you enjoy it!

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