Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LA Marathon is only 5 miles and 6 x 100s away

Since Jan 1st I have logged 287 miles in training for LA marathon which is only 5 miles and 6 x 100s away, or 4 days away. I have closely followed twitter updates and images like this are super exciting.

The "realistic" goal for this race is 4:48:00 (an 11 minute pace). The hopeful goal is 4:30:00 (10:18 pace) provided it is not too hot or anything goes wrong. But usually there are surprises. Part of the goal of this race is to redeem the marathon experience from the Huntington one. In retrospect, I'm surprised I even finished that one in the rain, cold and wind (5:44:39). This race should be far more fun, I've trained much better and I expect to do well.

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wats-in-a-name said...

All the very best for your upcoming Marathon!! :) how exciting!!

I'm training for my first marathon and not quite sure what to expect!

Hope you have a cracking day