Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heading to LA shortly

1 day away, the LA Marathon website reports. I have made a checklist of things to take with me (which is funny given my relationship to them.)

I have a folder filled with confirmations of entry, shuttle, and what have you. I have updated my running playlist (not a quick thing to do), and synced my ipod & iphone. (music plan A and plan B).

I am shortly heading to LA with my honorary "coach" - my mom :)

I have shared a link with my family to track my race on race day.

This should a great weekend, and with a little luck, the temperature will be just perfect- I think it will be. Also, since my phone problem- I have an iphone, the menu button doesn't work, so to change function I have to turn it off & on again, not good for quick stuff you can imagine-I have signed up for text blogging, which can include pictures, and then synced this blog to google notes, so I should in theory be able to share anything worthwhile fairly simply without a computer.

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