Monday, December 3, 2007

I keep forgetting to write

Okay, since Nov 21st (my last entry) I have gone on two more long runs the one on Sat 24th was amazing. I found the secret to running well. Streching, eating properly and resting enough. I did all of this the friday before my long run and ran 16miles in just under 3 hrs.

This past weekend unintentionally I did the very opposite, I didn't strech, I went out w/a friend Saturday night till about 3 am and had a salad and some drinks. The consequence...I had a 17.64 run that was mediocre at best. I felt tired after a couple of hours (more so than I usually do after a couple of hours). It took me about 3hours and 32 min averaging a 12 minute mile.

On the more exciting note, I got my best time on Dec 1st on the loop 53:21 (?) I think. (I gotta check out my log at home). On my list of top 10 times only the 10th is above an hour that is 1:01:59. All my other times are under an hour and I'm stoked.

Next week's run (Dec 8th) is special one for me to focus and clear my mind for finals. It is set to be 18.36 miles, and if I do things correctly I would love to come in at 3 hrs and a half.

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