Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dec 23rd...only 2 runs in many days

So the first week of not running was due to finals(12/9-12/12) and then taking a couple of days after finals (which obviously led me to not going on a long run)(12/13-12/15).

The following week it rained and I was sick (12/17-12/19) and although I'm still sick by thursday I went on an indoor run... treadmil which isn't my favorite but I did 6 miles followed by another 6 on friday.

The lesson was: when you can, run! (instead of bumming it after finals I could've put in a good long run and not fall behind too much.)

Then after hanging in the cold friday and saturday night this cough got much worse...(yuck) but I'm hoping it will go away so I can put in a long run on wed!!! I'm up to 20 miles on wed here (hopefully, hopefully)

Uh and what prompted me is that I'm seriously considering the SB9 Trail Run...35 mil endurance run in Nov. We'll see how Huntington goes (if I don't absolutely hate it, then I'll get another marathon under my belt between Feb and Oct and then train for SB9T)

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