Friday, November 2, 2007

Race is tommorrow and I can't wait

This week I went out for the morning 5 on Mon, Tue, and Wed.

Monday was an alright run. I felt I could've done better. My mind was a little scattered and so was my pace...

Tuesday I had a perfect run.Body was feeling good, came in with a 3rd best time, pace was continuous and I was stoked. Hoping to have a repeat performance wed.

Wed It was really cold. I wore two long sleeve shirts on top of my tank top. The body took forever to warm up, the ankle was bugging me, and somewhere between 5 and 6 minutes, I realized I forgot to stop my watch. (hence the estimation). Toward the last 2 parts of the run I got a knot in my calf and walked the rest of it. I would've run but I know better than to push for an injury. I think while I was in city college a few years back I ignored pain every time, and eventually I couldn't get out at all to jog for up to 6 months.

Tonight the Team in Training (team) has a pasta party. (loading up on those carbohydrates today). And I am hoping for a good run tomorrow. We start at 8:30 but gotta show up at 7:30 for a warm up with the team and some stretching.

Today has been very much a day to think about all different aspects of the run. I still gotta load my ipod shuffle w/music, and charge the battery. I got some chocolate gu an energy gel of sorts. (I find it really gross, but it makes a difference by the time you've been running 2 hrs.)I also stared reading "Confessions of an all night runner" last night, i heard its good.

I'm a little anxious not nervous about the running w/a lot of people part of it. I heard it takes a few miles before the pack breaks up.I am expecting to come in around 11pm (thats 2:30) which is a good time for a first time. Uh that reminds me...(well I'll write about that later) Anyways, just a short update. Only 18.5 hrs until race time!

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