Thursday, October 11, 2007

The unexpected rewards of running.

So, yesterday I got up extra early to run what I estimated would be 13 miles. Sure enough, I ran 13.33 miles (21.46km) They took me 2:40 minutes, and now the goal will be to work on the time!
(click to see map

People wonder what the joy might be in testing one's body, but I feel it is more of testing one's mind and heart. I don't only mean it literally, but you learn so much when you push yourself. You work on your character, will, drive, self-esteem. It does wonders for any individual when they challenge themselves! (Even more than when others challenge you)

Besides all the warm, fuzzy have rewards such as this view at the downhill of Lagoon Road overlooking Goleta beach. (Thanks to the times, I can carry a small cell phone with a camera in the pocket on my belt everywhere I go.)


chaco said...

Wonderful! That's breathtaking,your title match it, "Rewards of running". You will not see this view if you didn't run that day!Lucky you. :)

spyder jackets said...

I love the pic! Awesome!