Saturday, August 11, 2007

Day 5- Continued...Determination, Will Power & Fortitude

Today's run was a short one. 15 min down Cathedral Oaks and 15 min back! I was glad because I usually run longer...but it is definitely different to run by yourself than around/with others.
In fact, that might be one of my biggest challenges, just cause it's changing routine a bit.

I generally run a mile in 10 min...on a nice laid back run. When I run at home I run 6 miles (when there is no fire that is) and I go from my house down Hollister across Storke onto Cathedral Oaks and across the bridge by the Bacara back down Hollister and straight home or through the bluffs depending on the time constraints. If for some reason I have to be indoors (ash, rain, etc) then I run at the UCSB rec center...but I hate paying for parking and the treadmill really doesn't amuse me even half as much, but it does work on my consistency.

Lucas, our coach spoke of three words today: Determination, Will Power & Fortitude. I find that these qualities will be quite tested and strengthened throughout this process that requires a lot of self-discipline, and I'm excited to take on this challenge. One of my goals is to cut the time in which I run my regular 'loop'. My current 10 best times are as follow:

1. 1:02:56 July 8, 2006
2. 1:06:59 June 16, 2006
3. 1:07:16 January 23, 2007
4. 1:07:20 March 1, 2007
5. 1:07:23 April 23, 2007
6. 1:08:07 February 27, 2007
7. 1:08:10 July 27, 2007
8. 1:09:59 June 17, 2006
9. 1:10:15 February 10, 2007
10. 1:10:21 February 20, 2007

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